You been able to watch the Family Guy crossover yet? Because I badly want to hear your opinion of it.

I have and I have mixed feelings. There were a bunch of moments that made me laugh, but for the most part I thought it was a dud. I don’t know how well it was received, and I don’t really care. I thought the idea of a crossover was a good one. It felt slightly nostalgic, they don’t really do many crossovers anymore that I’m aware of. So in that respect I was kind of happy about it. 

There were some good bits (some of which I’ll be putting up on the blog), and then there were a bunch that fell flat with me. The car wash scene and the prolonged chicken fight were the worst. There are gonna be some lovers and some haters, I guess I fall somewhere in between. I did enjoy the banter between Peter and Homer that calls out Family Guy for basically being The Simpsons, and then calling out The Simpsons for basically being The Flintstones. 

Unfortunately, I did enjoy the crossover more than the Simpsons season premiere. You will not be seeing any GIFs or caps from that episode. I guess if someone requests it maybe, but it won’t be high on my to do list. 

your blog is my life and its fucking amazing

Thanks anon. And thank you to everyone whose been sending me shit like this. I’ve been really busy and unable to update the blog recently. I hope to get things rolling again shortly with more GIFs and caps. This blog has become pretty self sustaining, which I find incredible. No matter how long I seem to take off from updating, I come back to find so many more followers than I had before. I’m closing in on one hell of a milestone with this blog, so believe me when I tell you I’ll be updating when I can. 

Keep the love and hate coming, as well as the requests. I’m still alive so that means this blog is as well. Thank you all again!

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I want to fuck your blog sideways