I’m getting a lot of questions asking if I’m excited for the FXX every Simpsons episode marathon. I’m not really excited by it, simply because I can have my own marathon anytime I’d like. I am, however, excited for the fans. Especially since you’ll be able to stream every episode online, sometime this Fall. 

It’s a crying shame that the avenues to stream Simpsons episodes online, are few and far between. And it’s and even bigger travesty that in order for you to find and watch Simpsons episodes, you have to be shady about it and visit potentially harmful websites. 

So, to all of you planning to watch the FXX marathon, I say happy viewing! It’ll be a roller coaster ride full of laughing and some sobbing, but mostly laughter. And when the marathon reminds you of that hidden Simpsons gem that you forgot all about, stop by this blog and request that I put it up.

Chances are I’ll have already posted it though. But I’ll dig it up and reblog it for you. 

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